Cargo Tracking Systems

Cargo Tracking System

An advanced cargo tracking system, KaTS is a convenient and stable system for system employees and company customers. This system (version 1.0) has been developed considering national targets.


Cargo tracking system (KaTS) is a system developed to facilitate the work of customers and employees during shipment, tracking and delivery of cargoes. The system has gathered all stages in internet and mobile application bases and uses the same database in both platforms. The sender, receiver and cargo information in both applications are stored in the same database and delivered to the user. Even if a customer is not a member of the system, he/she can use the cargo tracking system, but for registered users, the system offers the following features to customers; Multiple cargo tracking without the need for a cargo tracking number, the ability to set the time of picking up the delivery time from home or work as well as the ability to set cargo delivery time.